Mel Sanson is an English singer, songwriter and musician who lives in Brighton, UK. Her debut single ‘Ghost’ is out now on all major download sites. Comparisons have included Mazzy Star, Jeff Buckley and Hole. Ambient dark melancholy that holds on to you like a hug. 

“I've come to realise that worst part of dying, is not really death itself, but how much it hurts the ones you leave behind. The people that love us the most, will hurt the most. Life's cruel joke. I'd like this song to be a comfort to those going through the motions, it's the hardest thing. It was recorded live by my friend Ty Stevens at The Outhouse in Los Angeles last year. With it being such a stripped down personal song, I really wanted to make sure Ghost had a live feel to it. Ty got that right away from listening to the demo and suggested doing a one taker. I played it all the way through 3 times in a row and we chose the best take. I love recording this way! From the heart and soul. Literally.” Mel Sanson 

In response to Mel’s openness many of her fans have shared their stores, how Ghost resonates with them. 

Other projects: Founder, Lead vocals/guitarist and songwriter in Auxesis and Kenelis. Armed Love Militia White Lillies (duet with Fairuza Balk), Vocalist in The L Project  


Ghost’ is a particularly intimate and fragile affair and reminds me of a whole host of 90s moments for some reason, perhaps it’s the mix of the late-night-confessional-with-a-guitar that I spent a lot of my youth around and the MTV Unplugged vibe. ”

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