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Official page for Mel Sanson's solo project. Alternative, Shoegaze, Ambient Rock sounds of Mel Sanson, an English singer, songwriter and musician who lives in Brighton, UK.

Hey everyone! I'm delighted to share my first solo record with you guys... This is Ghost. I've come to realise that worst part of dying, is not really death itself, but how much it hurts the ones you leave behind. The people that love us the most, will hurt the most. Life's cruel joke. I'd like this song to be  a comfort to those going through the motions, it's the hardest thing. It was recorded live last year at The Outhouse in Los Angeles. Recorded, mixed and produced by Ty Stevens. Photography by Jennifer Sanson

Armed Love Militia - White Lillies (Fairuza Balk & Mel Sanson) 


Told you i'd be back soon :D So it's been 1 week since I released my debut single Ghost. Thank you so much to everyone who has been listening, sharing, liking, subscribing, commenting and all that modern people power jazz stuff! It's all down to you that my music is getting out there so thank you so so much. All my social media links are on

Here is a nice little REVIEW by Listen With The Monger. They get me yo. 

So many of you have sent me your feedback and stories about why Ghost has given you all the feelings and it's blown my mind. I feel so thankful that my music is resonating with people, it's the best feeling ever! 

If that's not enough Sanson for you, there's more! 

I'm super excited to announce the Armed Love Militia debut EP pre order! Featuring yours truly in one of the tracks, White Lillies! 

When Fairuza asked me to sing on this incredible song of hers, I thought she meant backing vocals. When she said no, the whole thing I was like whaaa? She has THE most incredible voice I honestly felt like it was already perfect. Her belief in my ability fuelled me to get out of my comfort zone, step the fu*k up and make it happen. We really get each other musically, so when we did this as a one take live recording last year in LA and warm fuzzy vibes filled the room, I knew I’d found my soul sister 🖤 check it out!!! You can hear a teaser of the song and pre order music & fun merch goodies on her website. Also check out her other songs too her voice is just incredible

If you know of anyone who might like to review either my song Ghost, or ALM White Lillies for their blog, magazine site etc please feel free to forward on this email :) 

Thanks for sharing this fun journey with me.


Big love

Mel xoxox 



Other projects: Founder, Lead vocals/guitarist and songwriter in Auxesis and Kenelis.  Armed Love Militia White Lillies (duet with Fairuza Balk), Vocalist in The L Project 

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